IXS Nemesis X55020 Waterpoof Motorcycle Jacket


I’d been after a new Waterproof motorcycle jacket for a while to replace an aging set of Dainese Goretex waterpoofs so on a Sunday in the middle of September decided to stop into J & S accessories in Wolverhampton (https://www.jsaccessories.co.uk/stores/wolverhampton ) to see what they had to offer. An excellent selection of clothing was available but I had some specifics in mind, I am what you would probably class as an odd shape, Tall and slim with a long body and long arms and legs, form a picture in your mind lol, So I really need a jacket that is not too wide in the body but long enough in the arms and legs to cover me properly when on the bike, something that doesn’t ride up when you are riding and causes areas where wind and rain can enter. The young salesman was excellent in being able to advise on a manufacturer that could meet my criteria and showed me the IXS Nemesis waterproof jacket.


Fit wise it was perfect, long in the body and the arms, fully waterproof, thermal lined and more important to me, allegedly waterproof in the pockets, which was a god send as I have previously been caught out arriving somewhere and having to pull soggy money out to pay for things, not ideal at all. Anyway, it fitted well so I made the purchase, not cheap at £169 but when it promises good things, will give you the protection you need for modern motorcycling, and you know you’ll be using it year round for a number of years it is well worth the extra spend on good quality kit. This was also the sale price with the RRP being £199, still good value for money in my eyes.


I was planning to be on a day long tour round wales with www.motourev.com the following weekend so I knew that would be an ideal excuse to give it a good workout and see if it lived up to the manufacturers promises and more importantly that it fitted as well as it looked when being used in the manner it was designed for.


First of all let’s go through the spec. It claims to be 100% waterproof, including the pockets. It’s made of a number of materials, Solto Textile outer which is waterproof, windproof and breathable and allegedly functional from -60 degrees to +80 degrees, I’m not planning to get that cold but good to know I’ll still be able to move, assuming I’m still alive!  The thermal lining is made of Airguard which is a highly tenacious (their words not mine!) fabric, needless to say it is warm and light. The jacket also has Powertector CE approved armour at the elbows, shoulder and back, which, in this day and age, is vital protection for the modern motorcyclist. There are vent points on the chest and shoulders in case you need ventilation in the warmer weather. There are pockets galore, 2 large pockets at the front of the jacket low down and 2 further ones across the chest, all are zipped and have flaps over with zips just large enough to grip with your gloved hands, though I’m considering adding toggles or small keyrings to give a bit extra to grab onto. There is also a waterproof inner pocket in the inside of the jack as well as an inner pocket in the thermal lining.


There is also a phone pocket in the lining but to be honest it’s not stretchy enough for a modern smartphone so I used the large inside waterproof pocket instead. Now it’s good having pockets in the liner but what if you take it out, well IXS have thought of that and you have identical pockets in the main jacket underneath the liner, a nice touch I thought, and the phone pocket in the main jacket is big enough for a smartphone, quite why it’s such a squeeze in the liner pocket I don’t know. The liner also has a zip in band for zipping the jacket to a pair of motorcycle trousers and again provision for a zip attachment in the main jacket is made too so that you can zip them together even when not wearing the inner jacket.


The outside of the jacket has very bright neon yellow flashes which stand out really well making you a lot more visible to other traffic, as well as sections of reflective material so you can be seen in headlights.  The jacket also has adjustment aplenty, a belted section around the waist to pull it in, and popper adjusters on the bottom, giving 3 adjustment points to make it fit more snugly and stop draughts coming up. The sleeves have 3 adjusters as well, the top around the biceps having 3 poppers giving 3 positions, a clamp and tape at the elbow and a Velcro at the wrist, all perfect in making the jacket fit you and keeping draughts at bay. The front of the jacket features a line of poppers, Velcro and a folded inner flap to help keep the weather at bay.  The jacket even comes with spare poppers in case any let go in the future.

All in all some really good features on a jacket of this price. But features are one thing, does it really deliver on its promises.


Come “Lake Vyrnwy Tour” day I was looking forward to trying the jacket out for real, first impressions were very good, the jacket is well constructed but feels light and unobtrusive when it is on , you could almost forget you were wearing it. Once I had adjusted everything, and fitted it how I wanted, it felt comfortable and not restricting in any way but still felt safe and secure. Quite unlike my old Dainese which, with having hard plastic armour which made its presence felt whenever you moved.  There was plenty of length in the arms, even when seated on my bike and with gloves on, and more importantly acres of length in the back of the jacket keeping my lower back and waist warm and dry. The front of the jacket does up right up to the neck and then a velcro flap goes across to cover the zips and give some neck protection, I wore a neck tube and 3 tops and never felt like it was trying to strangle me.


I teamed the jacket with a pair of IXS Navigator trousers for the tour and you can read more about those in my other review. Before we left I loaded the pockets with everything I needed, glasses, phone, vape, money, keys etc. and also put tissue in each of them so I could see if any leakages occurred, after all we were going to wales and even though the day looked dry you could pretty much guarantee you’d get wet in September (Wales does sometimes have sunny days I have heard☺ ). We headed up to Shrewsbury in the dry and even though it was a bit chilly at 8am I did feel warm and comfortable, as we got into Wales and closer to Lake Vyrnwy it did start to rain (surprise!) to a level that would enable me to see whether it really would keep me, and my belongings dry, and was still raining heavily when we had a break on Lake Vyrnwy dam. Heading off round the lake and over the mountain to Bala it did stop raining and once at Bala I checked everything over and it had survived unscathed, the pockets didn’t even feel remotely damp or clammy inside. We toured round for the rest of the day and then headed back to Wolverhampton, luckily it stayed dry but did drop cold but the length and the fit of the jacket did a fantastic job of keeping my lower back and core very warm indeed.


So am I happy with the jacket? Most definitely yes, it fitted me exactly as I wanted, kept me dry and warm for the whole of the day and felt robust and secure enough to give me confidence in the traffic. There are only a couple of constructive comments I would make and that is that IXS really should consider adding pull toggles to the zip pulls and need to make the inside phone pocket stretchy enough to take a decent size smartphone with a case on. But other than those very minor issues it’s a great jacket and perfect for everyday commuting or longer distance adventure motorcycling.