Ricky's Last Ride


The phone rang around 1.30pm I thought that’ll be Rick telling me how his ride went, we used to talk every day, but it wasn’t him.


I was given the news that no parent ever wants to hear, “Ricky has had an accident and come off his bike” my first thought was, he will be so mad if he has damaged his bike I know how much he loves that thing.


Then I was told “the Air Ambulance has been called” we all rushed to Northampton where Ricky and his family were living at that time.  As we entered his street we saw a police car at his house.


My world and my life stopped at that moment as we were told that our beautiful baby boy had lost his life.


My Son Ricky was only 31, he left a wife and two young sons aged 4 and 14 months.


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